Logo BThisIf you are wondering what freestyle dressage to music entails, thinking about giving dressage to music a go for the first time or are already competing and perhaps looking to change your current music, then please read on.

At Beat This Dressage to Music we offer an array of support for riders starting out or regularly competing in freestyle competitions. We also love to work with Junior or para riders!

Our team can work remotely, using video, email and phone or can offer ridden clinics where we help with planning your test and selecting appropriate music.

If you would like to host a clinic and have a group of friends interested in learning more or improving their DTM get in touch! All our services are individual, bespoke and we can tailor make clinics appropriate to your needs and ambitions!

Our aim is to assist all levels of horse and rider, from amateur to professional, Riding Club to British Dressage, to go out and enjoy dressage to music, knowing that the music they are riding to is both something they enjoy and is suited to them and their horse.



If you are looking for that individual attention, personal service and something different from the masses then we are your number one choice for your dressage to music, whether it be floor plan design or editing music. You have choice and involvement whilst selecting your music and will always receive the best advice and support regarding your freestyle dressage test.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for informed and friendly advice by giving us a call or by using our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!