Before you can compete at dressage to music, it is helpful to be a British Dressage Music member. This is offered at a reduced rate if you already belong to a British Riding Club. Details can be found on the British Dressage (BD) website.

A dressage to music test is a ‘freestyle’ where the floor plan is individually designed for that horse and rider. This allows the rider to demonstrate the horse’s technical strong points to music that supports a harmonious and interesting picture.

In designing a freestyle test there is a list of compulsory movements that must be performed at the various levels, from Intro to Grand Prix. These can be obtained through British Dressage. Please see our Music and Floor Plans page for further information.

There is some useful guidance published on the BD website called Guidelines for Judging Dressage to Music which is also well worth a read by those thinking of having a go for the first time, or members already competing.

We have experience in dealing with clients at all levels. These include British and Spanish National and International Grand Prix riders, Para riders for Rio 2016, Special Olympics rider in Los Angeles 2015, the Hong Kong Paralympic team, Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) plus many successful combinations at BHS Riding Club and BD Regional and National Championships.