“Another attempt at my prelim FSM at the Chiltern and Thames finals today. Finished 2nd(!!) with 70.83%. Jim Murphy was the only coloured horse to be placed in any of the classes. I got an 8 for my music again, so my placing was in no small part down to you – thank you. Had my music been done by someone less professional, then we would have slid down the placings: I got a 7.5 for my trot work, but the music score was my highest mark.”

Samantha W, London 


“A very successful outing with our new music today (July 2015). We won the Advanced Medium qualifier with 73.83% with 8.5 for the music, with comments “fabulous music – really on the beat/rhythm. Thank you Claire.”

Emma P, Essex 


“Just wanted to let you know about our debut outing to Oaklands College on 28th June 2015 where we won the Novice Freestyle to Music class with a great score of 72.5% and have therefore qualified for the Regional Championships. The Judge wrote that she loved the music which suited my horse to show off his clear rhythm and that the floor plan was easy to follow.”

“Thank you for all your help with the floor plan and for producing the professional competition CD’s (at very short notice!!!).  It has been great working with you and your help and advice has been extremely beneficial.  Look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Erika D – North London 


“Having never competed at freestyle before, I was feeling a little anxious over where to start with the choreography and music. I needn’t have worried, after some discussion with Claire, she created an excellent floor plan that worked to our strengths.

Next came the music selection which initially seemed daunting, just too much choice! Having sent a video of my test, some simple videos of all 3 paces and a list of artists I like, Claire provided me with several suggestions to match Albert’s tempo and our floor plan. The end result is clear to see. We won our debut class with a score of 72.2% qualifying for the regional final. I love my music, it made my test come alive and I couldn’t stop smiling throughout. It feels fun, original and even better when on exiting the arena, other riders commented on how great it was!

Claire was easy to work with and professional throughout. I can’t recommend her enough. Hence my decision to work with Claire again for my elementary composition, swiftly followed by a regional qualification first time out. Thank you Claire, I could not be more pleased with the final result.”

Julia B, Essex.

“Claire took the mystery out of dressage to music for me, despite 40 years of riding and competing. I always watched dtm with awe and wonder & I had thought it too complicated to tackle until I worked with Claire, who simplified the whole process. We now have some great music that really matches the attitude & character of my horse & is good fun to ride too.”

Tracey D, Beds.

“We were first introduced to Claire after my teenage daughter asked if she could try her hand at dressage to music. From the outset nothing was too much trouble, we supplied a video of the floorplan and from this Claire worked tirelessly to ensure she selected the right type of music that would suit both pony and young rider. We were then sent a number of songs for us to listen to but never realised that this part would be so difficult as we liked them all! Once chosen Claire produced the final CD supplied with all the details necessary to register with British Dressage. We also had some training CDs made in addition, which really has helped with the flatwork. The service offered is second to none, Claire is not only professional and enthusiastic but it is obvious the music she selects helps to produce fantastic results. In two competitions my daughter’s scores have been 73.6% and 76.9%, with great comments from the judges including “really enjoyed the choice of music.

To see the smile on my daughters face each and every time the music starts brings so much pleasure! Thank you.”

Sue and Stacey, Cambridgeshire.

“Having threatened to have a go at DTM for the past 5 years I was at last galvanised into action after attending a DTM workshop.

Having contacted Claire she agreed to help me “have a go” and it was easy from there on in…I had a session with my horse Trolley Dolly and Claire to work out the floor plan, Claire did lots of videoing and then we discussed music tastes. Claire has an amazing musical ear and within days had sent me a demo CD with sample tracks to choose from. It was just a few days from choosing my tracks to getting a draft CD to ride to, from there my final CD and license was prepared by Claire. We had one more session to ride through the finished article and then it was off to practise and get to know my music at home. I was nervous entering my first novice FSM but loved the experience and was thrilled with a 3rd and 64 % but this was topped by a winning 72% at my second attempt and the judge commenting how perfectly the music fitted my horses paces ……. throughout the process Claire has been really supportive and will be going back to get her help when we progress to elementary.”

Sarah, Bedfordshire.

“Claire worked with me to find some music for my first BD DTM with my (very quick paced) Andalusian gelding Tommy. At first I thought we could have something that emphasised his spanishness but this just made him look even quicker and rushed, so Claire came up with some contemporary tracks that fitted his paces AND personality.

As well as fitting your horse, you really need to like the music yourself as you have to hear it so much! I loved the music that Claire put together for Tommy and so do the judges! We qualified for the winter Regionals with 8’s for both music & choreography. Anyone who has seen Tommy perform will attest this is a real achievement, which wouldn’t have been possible without the good ear and patience of Claire .”

Kim, Bedfordshire.